At the TOOOL booth you can try to pick your own lock. TOOOL is bringing the tools, you just have to bring your wits and your perseverance. From beginners to experts at the fine art of lockpicking we brought something for everyone!


Toool is the The Open Organisation OLockpickers, a growing group of enthusiasts interested in locks, keys and ways of opening locks without keys.

Toool was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam. In 2006, a local chapter in Eindhoven was founded, and in 2015 a chapter started in Groningen. They all have regular meetings (once every other week). Members of Toool are welcome in all cities. People from abroad are welcome too. Especially from Belgium as there is no lockpicking group in Belgium. The USA has a Toool US that was founded in 2005. In the UK, a Toool UK has just been formed in 2014.  Both groups are separate legal entities, but they have strong bonds with Toool NL.