Project Summit


What is the OWASP Project Summit?

The OWASP Project Summit is a smaller version of the much larger OWASP Summits. This year’s summit aims to give our project leaders the opportunity to have attendees sit down and work on project related activities during AppSecEU. It is an excellent opportunity to engage with active OWASP Project Leaders if you are a conference attendee, and it gives project leaders the chance to move forward on their project milestones while meeting new potential volunteers that can assist with future milestones.

Where and When is the Project Summit being held?

This year’s project summit will be held during AppSecEU at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 19-20, 2015. The event takes place in room E103-E104 on the first floor in building E.

Main planned sessions

  • OWASP Knowledge Based Authentication Performance Metrics Project
  • OWASP Codes of Conduct – Document Review
  • Hackademics – Wiki page rewrite, documentation review
  • Hackademics – Greek, French translation
  • AppSensor (Documentation) – Guide Review
  • Snakes and Ladders – Dutch Translation OWASP Snakes & Ladders
  • OWASP OWTF Introduction for GSOC Students
  • OWASP OWTF Open Forum
  • OWASP OWTF Wiki Review
  • OWASP ZAP Summit
  • OWASP Knowledge Based Authentication Performance Metrics
  • Cornucopia – Video
  • Hackademics test coverage
  • AppSensor (Code) – Dashboard
  • Hackademics – Student performance metrics visualization
  • OWASP Automation Threats to Web Applications Project
  • OWASP OWTF Architecture Audit
  • OWASP OWTF CLI Assessment
  • OWASP OWTF Hack It For Fun

What is the cost to attend the Project Summit?

Nothing! We want the Project Summit to be open for the community to attend and participate. The Project Summit is designed based on what the OWASP community wants and is for the benefit of all OWASP projects.

How do I sign up for a session?

You can sign up using Eventbrite.
Hurry up! Places are limited!

Any other question?

For any other question, please visit the OWASP Project Summit page.