HackPra Allstars

Wait, HackPra Allstars is back?

Yes! After a one year break, we decided to bring back the awesome and present another HackPra Allstars. This time in the beautiful town of Amsterdam alongside the OWASP AppSec Research 2015 conference. HackPra Allstars will happen on 21st of May 2015 and take an entire day from morning to evening.

What is a “HackPra Allstars”?

HackPra Allstars is delivering in one full day what the legendary HackPra does in one semester! HackPra Allstars will present the finest, hand selected talks from prolific speakers and top-tier researchers in the field of web-security (and the lack thereof).

You can think of the HackPra Allstars as a conference inside a conference — offering you one day with the most interesting influencer in today’s web application security and in-security. The HackPra Allstars is a dedicated invited speakers track at the OWASP Research 2015 conference.

Who are the speakers?

Only the finest of speakers were hand-picked, chosen and invited for this track. And here is the final list!

  • From Sweden, with a bag full of tricks..
    Jonas “The Doctor” Magazinius with
    “Mac Hack Backup Attack – All your backed up passwords are belong to us”

  • Raised by wolves and gorillas, with excellent hair, it’s
    Mario Heiderich with
    “Copy & Pest – A case-study on the clipboard, blind trust and invisible cross-application XSS

  • The King Midas of web security, it’s Sirdarckcat, a.k.a
    Eduardo Vela Nava with
    “Web Service Workers – Breaking the web because it would be a shame to see such a cool feature go unused.”

  • Did someone say XML? Yes? Because here is
    Nicolas Grégoire with
    “Server-side Browsing considered harmful”

  • He’s in your browser, he’s angry, he’s
    Michele “With-One-L” Orrù with
    “Dark Fairytales from a Phisherman”

  • The god-father of XSS, the flying Scotsman, the true
    Gareth Heyes with
    “XSS horror show – A talk about RPO and XSS techniques”

  • With a bucket full of pixels and crazy animations, it is the one and only
    Ange Albertini with
    “Preserving Arcade Games”

We will post more info about the talk topics very soon. Best have a look at this page then and when.

Will there be free cocktails again?

No. There will be something even better. We will soon leak more information on how we plan to make this day more awesome for speakers and attendees. But you better be hungry and thirsty that day – because we will have that covered.

Can I come too?

Most probably yes. All you need is a regular ticket for the OWASP AppSec Research 2015 conference and in you are. HackPra Allstars itself is free, no extra fees. Each and every attendee is invited to join us. Have a look at the schedule to learn when and where the Allstars are congregating.