What trainings are available?
May 19th and 20th are the training days, please see for the available trainings:

Complete program is available at registration online tool homepage, click on “View or Change Your Existing Registration“, and enter your email address. You will get an email with a link to click and modify your registration. If you need help, this screencast should guide you!

I registered but I cannot attend the conference, can I be refunded?
Conference Registration fees are not refundable. If, however, the event is not held, you will be refunded any fees paid in advance.

I have a non Netherlands VAT number, can you apply the reverse charge VAT mechanism?
OWASP charges a VAT (value added tax) of 21% on all Conference Ticket invoices, which can be claimed back from your national tax authorities. Where a General Rule service is supplied from a supplier in one Member State to a customer in another Member State, the invoice from the supplier is free of VAT and the customer accounts for the VAT due in their Member State by applying the reverse charge. However, the service that OWASP will provide to you – admission to an event in the Netherlands – does not fall within the General Rule, there are different rules applying. This is detailed in Article 53 of the VAT Directive (2006/112/EC) which states: “Article 53. The place of supply of services in respect of admission to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment or similar events, such as fairs and exhibitions, and of ancillary services related to the admission, supplied to a taxable person, shall be the place where those events actually take place.”. The Netherlands VAT that you incur may be recoverable by making a claim under the Refund Directive 2008/9/EC. This involves making a claim directly to your national tax authorities via their electronic portal. This regulation does not apply for OWASP Training, which is regarded as a regular B2B services and falls under the reverse charge mechanism.

How can I register for the conference as a student?
Your student card is required.


Is a certificate issued at the end of the training?
On request, OWASP can issue a certificate of attendance to the training.

Would you like to confirm if I can earn CPE points at AppSec Eu, and if yes, can you please point me to the relevant Web page?
You have to register for your CPE points yourself. OWASP will just acknowledge these based on your registration and conference sign-in.


Is there any space and whether you have an exhibitor package?
Yes, we have sponsor packages available, please see the sponsorship document.

For more detailed information, please email “appseceu2015 AT owasp.org”