Awesome Retro

At AppSecEU 2015 you can enjoy the best retro games on over twenty platforms: Commodore 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn… you name it and it’s there.

Defend the earth against Space Invaders, save the princess (again, and again), smash each other to bits in Smash Brothers and be the first one to cross the finish line. At AppSecEU you can also team up and play together on a mega-controller, where one player moves and the other jumps and runs. Or work together and fly through a world of pipes in multiplayer Flappy Bird on the Commodore 64. Challenge your friends and meet professionals playing one of the great classic games at AppSecEU 2015.

Retro gaming is hosted by Awesome Retro, a non profit organization that keeps retro games accessible and playable by everybody. Just like OWASP, Awesome Retro is completely run by volunteers.

See you at AppSecEU 2015!